My dear baby girl,

We had the immense privilege of staying together from the first time I held you as a newborn until now, nearly three years after. What a wonderful little girl you have bloomed into!

I tried my best to respond to your every need, day and night. Last year, at exactly the same period, we had to close our beautiful breastfeeding chapter. It was a heartbreaking phase for you and me, but we managed to get past it without scratching the strength of our bond.

Overtime, you have naturallly become more independent and welcomed more people into your life … But I know I was the first you loved. The first face you looked at and the first scent you recognised.

I now have the unsettling feeling I have to say goodbye, as I leave our sweet bubble and return to the real world. We won’t see each other as much, my love. But you will still be in my arms every night and in my heart everyday. This is a new chapter for us – one of expansion.

I guess all mothers need to accept at some point that they will no longer hold the prime spot in their children’s lives and hearts. This is my moment and oh my, it is tough.

As I step down from your heart’s pedestal and leave more space for you to open up to the world, I will finish this letter with a promise:

Nothing will ever matter more than you. You will always come first. It will still be my biggest life mission to nurture your happiness and wellbeing.

I love you beyond words.

Yours always,


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