It’s important to note this website looks at some books which communicate certain values and convictions, but it does not condemn other ideas.

“There is no such thing as a generally applicable blueprint for perfect parenting”  – Christina Hardyment

As an expatriate without any family in the UK and first one among my friends to get pregnant, I jumped into motherhood with my instincts and socio-cultural background as only sources of reliability. After the blur that qualifies the first couple of months with a newborn, I started reflecting on the kind of mother I wanted to be and the values I wanted to teach my daughter in this fast-paced, crazy world of ours. I looked back at my own education and evaluated what I wanted to replicate and what I wanted to steer away from. I spent a yearlong maternity leave devouring parenting books and joining online & offline conferences with a great zeal to poach ideas – and ultimately, create my own parenting style.

Through my readings I realised that, overtime, there has always been a swinging pendulum in parenting theories from the need of strict discipline and schedules to a more permissive approach, up to the point of child-led developmental stages.

British writer Christina Hardyment reviewed in the early 1980s more than 650 parenting books and manuals, some dating to the mid-1700s when advice pamphlets started to be distributed in hospitals. She found out that the ideas in parenting books typically drew from former theories and reflected the authors’ opinions more than being based on pure scientific studies.

Although I don’t particularly like attaching labels to parenting methods, values  belonging to the “gentle discipline” and “attachment parenting” theories  stroke a chord with me as they mirrored my natural instincts and personal beliefs.

The curated selection of books reviewed and talks on the website inevitably reflects my personal inclination toward these schools of thought, but the core goal of TheMeandersOfMotherhood is to push boundaries and explore new horizons with an open mind. My hope is that this website serves as a platform where we can exchange our views or personal experiences and learn from each other.

Fundamentally, it is about widening the parenting lens so that each one of us can confidently blaze her own trail.

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