Hello, my name is Severine Etienne.

I am passionate about creating a meaningful lifestyle that celebrates simple beauty, enhances our everyday and elevates our experiences. Through this website, I intend to distil ideas that help people live their best lives. There are so many resources out there, that compel you to improve one or the other area of your life, and it can all be a bit too overwhelming. I try to encompass various areas with my writing, whether it be sustainable living, personal style or family rhythm – which I’ve researched extensively and read tons of books about in the past four years. I also came to realise how profoundly our environments affect our lives and wellbeings. I deep-dived into the world of interior design and learned from some of the greatest whose visions resonated with mine. I truly believe we can make our lives what we dream them to be with a thoughtful approach and honest creativity. My goal is to help people build an authentic lifestyle that reflects their values and aspirations.

“You don’t need to be rich to lead a refined lifestyle, you just have to be thoughtful.”


I grew up in Belgium and I’ve been living in vibrant London for almost 7 years. After completing a MA in Economics, I moved to this exciting new city with no real plan of where I’d live and what I’d do for work – one of my boldest moves to date and a fiery attempt to find my place in the world. Luxury had always fascinated me by its aspirational impact on people and I was thrilled to land a job in an international media agency, working for prestigious clients including Apple and Estée Lauder.

I gained behind-the-scenes access to advertising and learned firsthand that storytelling is at the core of the connection between brands and their audiences. A few years and a happy event later, I focused on that storytelling element from another viewpoint: editorial content. Books have always been my favourite vehicle to travel time & space, and being a writer was my game plan to never cease learning about the world around me and inspiring people.

My work has appeared in Rankin Photography advertising campaigns and Positive Luxury editorial website and social media. Locally, I am a regular contributor to Queen’s Park Mums.